Hop on-board DART's Booster Bus

New transport to vaccination service launched to facilitate access to Booster jabs for the vulnerable and isolated.

In partnership with ABC Council and Armagh Rural Transport, DART is rolling out another transport to vaccination project called Booster Bus.

Building on the successful Vax & Go project during Covid, Booster Bus is available to all residents of the ABC Council area.

The service is free and is aimed at those who are isolated and have limited transport options to access vaccination appointments.

Booster Bus is a fully accessible door-to-door service. Our vehicles are wheelchair friendly and our professional drivers will pick you up, drive you to your vaccination appointment and return you home again.

Book your Booster Bus vaccination trip now and get boosted by contacting the DART office on 028 38 317810. Our friendly booking staff are waiting to assist you with making your appointment.

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